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Aluminum and stainless steel tanker trucks and trailers are available in a sizes ranging from 2,200 litres to over 52,000 litres (600 USGAL to over 14,000 USGAL). Tanks are manufactured in accordance with Department of Transport MC/TC 406 standard.

Many new trucks include the following features, some of which can be seen in the pictures below;


  • Dual pumping systems
  • Remote controlled manifolds
  • Temperature compensation systems
  • Electronic registers and printers
  • Wireless data interface to dispatch
  • Bottom loading
  • Vapor recovery
  • Optic and Thermistior Overfill Protection
  • Fuel additive injection systems
  • Static electricity grounding reel
  • Deadman switch and reel
  • Remote suctions
  • Fast pump off system
  • Hotshift PTO
  • Fire suppression system







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